Our Vision

    A world without poverty, where people are no longer excluded and all have a voice in shaping the future.

    Our Goal

    Through mutual cooperation, to make a significant and recognisable contribution towards the eradication of poverty and social exclusion, and to enable the voice of people living in poverty to be heard.

    EU-CORD is a network of 22 Christian Organisations in Relief and Development aiming to:

    1. Improve practice and capacity through knowledge sharing, mutual learning and joint innovation.
    2. Improve our ability to access funding from the European Union and other institutional donors.
    3. Advocate for continual improvement in European development and humanitarian aid policies and practices


    EU-CORD asbl vzw
    Rue Joseph II, 166
    1000 Brussels

    Tel +32 (0) 2 234 38 77
    Email  info@eu-cord.org